Friday, May 6, 2011

A Month of Firsts-April

April: truly a month of firsts!

Anthony celebrated his very first Easter. He was quite the finder of eggs. Well...Papa was a good carrier of Anthony while he searched for eggs. Next year will definitely be more fun and hopefully he will give Ella a run for her money looking for eggs.
Ella went to her first school dance. The theme that night was the 80s. I use the term "dance" very loosely of course. The night consisted of her running around with her friends, begging us to buy glow in the dark necklaces and drinking punch. Ella asked if we wore purple back in the 80s. I informed Ella that no, I indeed was not older than purple.

Anthony had his very first smile. At the beginning of the month he smiled at Chuck. I tried not to be too jealous that I was not the first that he smiled at or the second. He seemed to be flashing his smile to everyone but me. He smiled at Chuck, my hairdresser, Ella and even our dogs...but when he finally did smile in response to me it was magic! Ella took swim classes this month. She took to it like...well like a fish to water! Her backstroke was so good that the instructor could barely keep up with her.

Well this month was also my first attempt at a blog. My hopes being that this will be an avenue to allow others a glimpse into our busy lives and a way to chronicle the early years of the kids.